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It is our belief that, as a complement to the vital day to day work done by a student of singing, an intensive period spent with a group of artists that have both mastered the combination of technique and communication and have a proven track record both artistically and pedagogically can bring about a vital and lasting change to a students approach to and understandinding of their own singing.

These masterclasses and courses aim to provide the perfect conditions to challenge the students' critical thinking and to help re-evaluate or confirm their existing understanding of the connections between the physical and the psyche and the importance of process over result.

We hope that these unique, unforgettable and invaluable experiences not only will give helpful additional tools with which to navigate the ever changing demands of a career but also, hopefully, will serve as a vehicle of positive change for how we live our lives and the effect we have on those around us.

“Learn to do by knowing and to know by doing”

John Dewey

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